Engineering the expansion of the Muganli-Ismayilli-Gabala highway to 4 lanes


The construction of the highway under the Project "Expansion of the Mughanli-Ismayilli-Gabala highway to 4 lanes" designed by our company continues. The Republic of Azerbaijan is well positioned to meet expanding regional transportation demand. Azerbaijan borders the Russian Federation, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Georgia, Armenia and Turkey. Starting from the neighboring states of Central Asia, Azerbaijan has the potential to strengthen the East-West transit relations and extends to a distance of 800 km along the coast of the Caspian Sea. The development of infrastructure, especially for the highway, is considered an important element for the state of Azerbaijan.
The main objectives of the project include:
Improvement of traffic intensity and road carrying capacity
Reducing traffic accidents, travel time and transport costs
Accelerating economic growth and promoting the development of trade relations with neighboring countries
Ensuring traffic safety for drivers and local population
Expansion of the region's potential opportunities in the areas crossed by the highway

The client of the project is the State Agency of Azerbaijan Highways.
The length of the road is 14 km, the width is 21 meters, it consists of 2 bridges and 1 tunnel